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7 Steps To Grow Your Business Online

Step 1: Design A Responsive Website

Optimize your website to look good on all desktops, mobile phones and tablets with a responsive website design to increase visitor interactions – keep in mind, though less is more, design still matters. You can also increase response rates by optimizing your website for local SEO.

Step 2: Integrate Email Strategy

Use email to automate your sales process and increase customer retention by contacting the right message at the right time. Email is a cost-effective way to contact customers, encourage repeat orders and increase brand exposure. Build a strong email list by making sure your visitors have multiple opportunities to sign-up for your lists on your website.

Step 3: Content Marketing

Adding a blog to your website allows you to position yourself as an industry expert by generating relevant content that directly involves your market. Your blog also allows your visitors to share your content on social media which increases brand exposure and your chances of going viral.

Step 4: Get Social

Connect directly with your target audience through social media and broadcast your content regularly. When done effectively, this drives traffic back to your website, blog and email opt-in forms.

Step 5: Add Profit Centers

Convert your website into a money making machine with ecommerce capabilities to sell products, services, events, e-learning and member subscriptions. This allows your business to stay open after hours so you never lose a client due to time or location.


Step 6: Create Partnerships

Reach out and team up with others to further promote and strengthen your brand through partnerships, joint ventures, affiliates and sponsorships. Work together to produce new revenue opportunities and create a win-win for everyone involved.

Step 7: Advertise To Drive Traffic To Your Site

It is essential to drive traffic to your website in order to increase lead generation and sales. Do so by setting up remarketing campaigns, promoted social media posts & ads, pay-per-click search ads and banner display ads.